SUMMARY: Four types of utilization of nitrate nitrogen were observed with fourteen strains of the azotobacter. These were:

(a) Those which utilize NO -N with no or only a short lag; three strains of , a stock culture of C-77, and seven strains of freshly isolated from soil were in this group;

(b) A single strain, a stock culture of C-44, which uses NO -N only when conditions permit selection of a mutant capable of using this form of nitrogen;

(c) A single strain, 10, which uses NO -N very slowly in air and in which NO -N accumulates;

(d) A single strain, 4·4, which does not use NO -N. Certain other morphological and physiological differences between strains of and the strain of 4·4 are pointed out which suggest that the question of the recognition of these strains as a single species be re-examined.


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