In the course of a co-operative study by eleven Japanese national chest hospitals on m cobacterioses due to mycobacteria other than Mycobacteriurn tuberculosis, a 56-year-old man was found to excrete a new group 111 mycobacterium. The organism was isolated on salicylate medium (Tsukamura, 1962) and identified as a new organism in 1968 in the research laboratory of the Chubu Chest Hospital. The man was a patient at the Tokyo Chest Hospital and had tuberculosis-li ke cavitary lesions in his lungs. Similar organisms were isolated twice in 2969 and thereafter were not evident until 1973. In 1973, the same organism was isolated from sputum by the use of a p-nitrobenzoic acid medium (Tsukamura & Tsukamura, 1964) in July and September, and the patient died that same year of the lung disease. M. tuberculosis was not isolated throughout the period of observation.


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