SUMMARY: An antigenic determinant isolated from a strain of the Gram-negative bacterium reacted with specific antisera to the polyglycero-phosphate backbone of membrane teichoic acids of lactobacilli. It gave a reaction of identity with membrane glycerol lipoteichoic acid and glycerol teichoic acid preparations from lactobacilli, and with phenol extracts of other Gram-positive bacteria. The antigen-antibody reaction was strongly inhibited by glycerol-phosphoryl-glycerol-phosphoryl-glycerol and the chemical composition was consistent with glycerol teichoic acid. It was concluded that this Gram-negative bacterium contained a glycerol teichoic acid whose polyglycerophosphate backbone was acting as antigenic determinant. Extracts of 33 out of 52 other strains of butyrivibrios examined gave similar reactions.


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