SUMMARY: Studies were carried out to identify the cause of the decline in transferase activity and capacity to bind polyuridylic acid which occurs in ribosomes from germinated uredospores of the beam rust fungus, Uromyces phaseoli (Pers.) Wint., aged longer than 6 h on a water surface. We have shown that such ribosomes lose the capacity to respond to added transferase-I and that both subunits were affected by the ageing process. these changes were not accompanied by a significant alteration in the composition of teh ribosome. However, deoxycholate had a greater detergent effect on ribosomes from germinated spores than from nongerminated spores as shown both by loss of capacity to polymerize anino acids and loss of protein. Ribonuclease activity did not increase during germination, but the amount found (iμg/g spores) was easily detectable. It was suggested that loss of response to transferase-I was due to an alteration of ribosomal proteins of both subunits.


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