SUMMARY: Three of 152 strains of transmitted their ability to utilize sucrose (Sac) to other strains by conjugation. The transfer factor of one of them and of a Sac strain was thermosensitive. The raffinose-utilizing ability of 27 of 163 strains was also transmissible. Transmissible raffinose-utilizing ability was a feature of porcine enteropathogenic strains possessing the K88 antigen. The determinants controlling raffinose utilization (Raf) and K88 antigen production were commonly transmitted together from these strains; so also was the determinant controlling enterotoxin production, but to a lesser extent. It was not possible to transfer lactose-utilizing ability from 320 strains of salicin-utilizing ability from 12 strains of or dulcitol-utilizing ability from 99 strains of and 88 strains of salmonellae.

Sucrose- and raffinose-utilizing ability were transmitted separately to several sp., including to and and to a variety of strains of

A strain of in which Sac had been established and a strain of in which Raf had been established survived less well in the alimentary tract of chickens than their Sac or Raf parent strains.


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