SUMMARY: Suspensions in water of two species of Fusobacterium leaked several coenzymes when incubated at normal growth temperatures. Chromatography of filtrates from these suspensions revealed the presence of NAD, NADP, FMN, tetrahydrofolic acid and, in one of the two, pyridoxal phosphate. Analyses of some enzymic activities in whole organisms demonstrated deficiencies in coenzymes: glutamate dehydro-genase was virtually inactive in the absence of added NAD; tryptophanase activities were diminished by washing but the extent differed between strains; histidase activity was not decreased by washing or suspension in water or saline. Both lag phase and doubling time increased markedly in severely washed organisms inoculated into fresh medium. Addition of appropriate coenzymes shortened the lag phase for both strains and shortened the doubling time in one.


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