SUMMARY: absorbed -methionine with a value of 25μ, optimum temperature 42 to 45°C. -Ethionine, S-methyl--cysteine, S-ethyl--cysteine and α-methyl--methionine inhibited methionine transport competitively, with values of 0·10, 0·35, 0·40 and 0·20 m respectively.

Using lysozyme, EDTA and trypsin, membrane vesicles were prepared from cells grown with methionine. Methionine accumulation in the vesicles was enhanced both by ascorbate-phenazine methosulphate and by several physiological electron donors; the most effective were FAD+malate, malate, succinate or 2-oxoglutarate. Oxidation of succinate, but not of malate, was inhibited by malonate; oxidation of malate was inhibited by azide; FAD did not reverse azide inhibition.

Tracer methionine was recovered from the membranes both as the unchanged amino acid and methionine sulphoxide.


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