SUMMARY: can obtain energy and required nutrients by eating several different bacteria or brewer's yeast. The phagocytic process includes aggregation of bacteria into clumps which contain and are surrounded by Ochromonas.

Bacteria were phagocytized too fast to be seen while yeast took at least 5 min to be engulfed. 2,4-Dinitrophenol or sodium azide, but not sodium fluoride or iodoacetic acid, inhibited the phagocytic process; aerobic energy metabolism was necessary for phagocytosis. Food organisms were engulfed and the food vacuole migrated to the posterior end of the organism behind the leucosin vacuole. The bacteria were digested mainly in the food vacuole although secondary lysosomes were formed. Digestion of bacteria resulted in the proliferation of vesicles and membranes from the food vacuole membrane and the proliferation of membrane from the bacteria being digested.


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