SUMMARY: Factors have been concentrated from human serum and seminal plasma which, in the presence of glucose and at 37°C, will induce germination and support mycelial development of blastospores of . The most active fraction from serum contained 98% albumin but the inactivity of a number of commercial samples of albumin and comparison with the factor from seminal plasma indicated that the active component was probably not albumin. The active fraction from seminal plasma was of lower molecular weight than that from serum and had considerably greater germ-tube producing activity/mg protein. Mycelial development in serum declined after 24 h incubation but removal of cells at this time and reinoculation again gave rise to mycelial growth. An inhibitor of germination (but not of growth) accumulated after 3 to 6 days. Many non-peptide components of serum have been tested for germ-tube-producing activity with negative results.


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