SUMMARY Cytochromes of the and types have been detected in crude extracts of . In the membrane fraction (P 144), cytochromes of the and types reduced by sulphide under anaerobic conditions were reoxidized by either oxygen or nitrite. Sulphite, however, reduced only cytochrome , which was reoxidized by nitrate and oxygen but not by nitrite. In the S 144 fraction, cytochromes of the and types reduced by sulphite were reoxidized by oxygen but nitrate and nitrite were ineffective. Cytochromes of the and types combined with CO and these effects were reversed by light. Inhibitor studies on sulphide oxidation linked to either oxygen uptake or nitrite reduction indicated that flavin, a terminal oxidase and copper may be involved. A scheme of electron transport during sulphide and sulphite oxidation is proposed.


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