Summary: Only small numbers of fungi were found in the rumen fluid of cattle cultured on agar plates at 39°C, the counts being up to 3500 yeast colonies/ml, with a similar number of mould colonies. However, considerably larger numbers of yeast colonies appeared on plates incubated at 25°C. Nine species of yeasts were isolated belonging to (including corresponding species of . The predominating species were and . The most common moulds were members of the Mucoraceae, of which , and were identified. was isolated frequently. The fungal content of rumen fluid seemed to be dependent on the diet of the animal, and no particular fungal flora could be associated with the rumen . The predominating , and also the rarely-isolated species and , could reproduce under anaerobic conditions , but another commonly occurring yeast, , was unable to grow under the same conditions. The majority of yeast cells were obviously destroyed during passage through the alimentary tract, whereas large quantities of moulds could be excreted in a viable state.


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