The NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase (NADP-GDH) activity of was rapidly lost from cultures starved for a carbon source. This loss of NADP-GDH was blocked by protein synthesis inhibitors. Glutamate repressed NADP-GDH but did not cause rapid loss of activity. Since NADP-GDH is involved in the participation of ammonium in the regulation of nitrogen metabolism, the loss of NADP-GDH activity accompanying carbon starvation may be important in the interaction between carbon and nitrogen metabolism. Increased NAD specific glutamate dehydrogenase activity (NAD-GDH) was observed when mycelium was transferred to medium lacking glucose. The increase in NAD-GDH activity was greatest when glutamate was present. Protein synthesis inhibitors did not prevent this increase in activity.

Two mutants, 102 and 19, which are altered in regulation of nitrogen metabolism, are similar to the wild-type strain with regard to regulation of NADP-GDH and NAD-GDH.


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