α-L-Arabinofuranosidase (AF) was detected in apple fruitlets experimentally infected by . In extracts of such fruitlets, three AF isoenzymes were separated by preparative isoelectric focusing. When the fungus was grown in shake culture with different carbon sources, AF was detected in each culture filtrate and mycelial homogenate. Although fungus growth and total AF varied with the carbon source, the AF isoenzyme pattern was similar in each instance to that obtained when grown on sodium polypectate.

Each of the partially purified AF isoenzymes behaved differently in substrate specificity and inhibitor studies; however, each showed a specificity for α-L-arabino-furanosides. The two extracellular AF isoenzymes released monomeric arabinose when incubated with araban or apple cell walls. External AF III (pI 6·5) was more active on a substrate of apple cell wall material than external AF I (pI 3·0). The latter form of the enzyme was less susceptible to inhibition by either oxidized or unoxidized apple juice. Two isolates of with low growth rate secreted no AF III


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