Chondroitinase was induced in by chondroitin sulphate or by -acetylgalactosamine. With batch cultures growing on chondroitin sulphate or -acetylgalactosamine the differential rate of chondroitinase synthesis increased throughout the exponential growth phase. Induction of chondroitinase by chondroitin sulphate was prevented by glucose, glycerol, lactate, pyruvate or succinate. The rate of uptake of chondroitin sulphate by suspensions was not altered by the presence of glucose. With steady state chemostat cultures, limited either by the supply of chondroitin sulphate or nicotinic acid, the specific activity of chondroitinase was maximal at diffusion coefficient ()= 0·18 h. Addition of glucose to nicotinic acid-limited chemostat cultures resulted in an exponential reduction in chondroitinase specific activity; this could be partially prevented by the simultaneous addition of 5 mM-adenosine cyclic-3′,5′-monophosphate.


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