DNA-DNA reassociation was studied in order to determine the genomic relatedness among 26 species of whorl-forming streptomycetes. DNA from ISP5052, At-37 and At-267 which showed a low relationship with each other were selected as the reference samples. Relative reassociation values of various streptoverticillia compared with these reference DNAs ranged from 25 to 82 % and most were less than 50 %. These results suggest that the whorl-forming streptomycetes are a mixture of heterogeneous species when considered at the genomic level. The results also suggest close relationships between ISP5053 and ISP5259 and also among ISP5253, ISP5038 and var. At-79. The close relationships within the latter three species were confirmed by their DNA reassociation with reference DNA and by thermal dissociation profiles of the hybrid DNAs on membrane filters. From data obtained, the suitability of several diagnostic features as taxonomic criteria was discussed.


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