SUMMARY: The properties of a conditional mutant of (Mir M7) are described. The mutant has a pH-dependent disturbance of morphology and a temperature-dependent disturbance of division. At pH 7 the mutant grows as cocci and at 41 °C (restrictive temperature) division is inhibited. At acid pH and restrictive temperature, filaments are formed. At pH 7 and permissive temperature, polymorphous cocci are obtained. At pH 7 and 41 °C, giant polymorphous cells are formed. The inhibition of division is phenotypically reverted by 0.05 M-Mg, 0.1 M-Na or 0.4 M-sucrose. Seventeen revertants were isolated having exactly the same characteristics as the wild-type , so it seems that only one mutation is responsible for the different disturbances of the mutant. The possibility of membrane damage on which the morphology and division disturbances may depend is discussed.


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