SUMMARY: The optimum temperature for the growth and sporulation of was 25-30°; 40° inhibited growth. A range of pH values from 4 to 10 was compatible with growth, the optimum pH value being slightly less than pH 7. Macroconidia were produced over a narrower range and were most abundant at pH 8. Percentage germination and length of germ tube were greatest at 100 % humidity. No germination occurred at humidities of below about 95 %. Exposure to light had no effect on growth rate, sporulation or pigmentation.

The carbon compounds which supported best growth were mannose, glucose, mannitol and maltose. Nitrates were not utilized, and ammonium sulphate, urea and asparagin supported poor growth. The amino-acids leucine, glycine, histidine and cysteine were utilized; with all other single amino-acids tested, growth was negligible. Methionine and phenylalanine were inhibitory.

was autotrophic for vitamins. It grew as well on a vitamin-free medium as on the basal medium.

The elements zinc, iron, copper and manganese, as sulphates, stimulated the growth and sporulation of on a medium treated for the removal of trace elements.


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