SUMMARY: The oxidation of ammonia to nitrite in enrichment cultures of spp. was hastened by 6 mg. Fe/1. in the medium. Manganese did not replace iron as a stimulant; it was toxic. (Jensen's strain) and a strain of had, in pure culture, very small absolute requirements for iron; they oxidized ammonia and nitrite respectively in media purified with 8-hydroxyquinoline, and with no iron added. Small amounts of iron hastened the oxidation of ammonia and nitrite; the minimum concentration giving this stimulating effect was 0.1 mg. Fe/1. for the strain of and 0.3 mg. Fe/1. for the strain of . The optimum amount of iron for oxidation appeared to be about 6 mg./1. for both species. Both species tolerated 112 mg. Fe/1. ( 0002), but oxidation was delayed, markedly in the case of , by 560 mg./1. ( 0.01).


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