SUMMARY: Phage lysis was induced in lysogenic cultures of by means of nitrogen mustard, mustard gas, sulphathiazole, glutathione, and sodium thiol-acetate.

The liberation of phage particles by these cultures was inhibited by urethane, ascorbic acid, higher concentrations of thiolacetate than that necessary to induce lysis, and by incubating either at 41–43.5° or at pH 5.5. Incubation at 22° in some cases also had a slight inhibitory. action.

The following substances had no effect on the liberation of phage particles by these cultures: penicillin, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, Proflavine, Rivanol, colchicine, methionine, cobalt sulphate, sodium citrate, brilliant green, sodium tetra-thionate, sodium taurocholate, sodium biselenite, casein digest and yeast extracts. Cultivation either in atmospheres containing different amounts of oxygen, or at 28°, or in media containing varying concentrations of sodium chloride was also without effect.

Cultures did not become non-lysogenic as a result of prolonged passage in broth containing either sodium citrate, ascorbic acid or urethane.


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