SUMMARY: A complete medium of defined composition has been developed for quantitative growth of wild-type and auxotrophic mutant strains of . This medium has proved to be more satisfactory than other complex media (for example casein hydrolysate, yeast extract) for both the isolation and the growth of auxo-trophs. Rigorous control of the pH of complete and other supplemented media is essential for quantitative growth on agar. Four diagnostic media are described which each contain a different combination of the supplements used in the complete medium and facilitate the identification of the nutritional requirements of mutants. By using these media a number of auxotrophs have been isolated including five with novel phenotypes which require respectively (i) thiamine, (ii) -aminobenzoic acid, (iii) a combination of pyruvate or acetate plus malate or succinate or fumarate, (iv) serine or glycine and (v) adenine.


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