Summary: The sheep rumen micro-organism was studied in preparations of rumen contents by light- and electron-microscopic techniques.

The fascicle of entwined flagella, which is often found curled-up close to the cell body, arises from a specialized organelle derived from the cell cytoplasm and cell membrane. This organelle has presumably developed from the ‘polar organelle’ specialization of the cell membrane already described for , but in the organelle is situated directly behind the flagella instead of beside them. For this reason we use the distinguishing term ‘flagellar organelle’.

Other structural peculiarities include flagellar fibres with unusually large diameter (20 nm) and 11-fold radial symmetry, an electron-dense layer adhering to the cell membrane in the region of the polar organelle, and an abundance of finger-like cytoplasmic processes projecting into an amorphous matrix beneath the layers of the cell wall.

The taxonomic status of S. is briefly considered in the light of these results.


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