Summary: strain B3646 produced extracellular haemolysin in various complex or defined liquid media. The haemolytic activity in all media investigated was proportional to the bacterial dry weight at the end of exponential growth, and there is probably no way to stimulate the production of haemolysin specifically. The haemolytic activity appeared late in the autolytic part of the stationary phase. Inhibition of protein and DNA synthesis by chloramphenicol or nalidixic acid revealed that the haemolysin was synthesized during the late logarithmic phase and released into the medium by lysis. Attempts to release the haemolysin from the bacteria by various disintegration methods were all negative. Cyclic AMP did not affect the synthesis or release of haemolytic activity. The haemolysin is probably bound to some bacterial constituent in the cytoplasm and activated upon lysis. Malate dehydrogenase and protease activity accumulated in the medium simultaneously during this lytic phase, while staphylolytic enzyme was released during the logarithmic phase.


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