Summary: conidia failed to germinate whilst being leached with water or mineral solution. Only a small proportion of conidia germinated in water after cessation of leaching but a high proportion germinated in the presence of glucose or mineral/glucose solutions. Sometimes minerals alone could restore germmation of leached conidia. Conidia germinated well on membranes during leaching with glucose or mineral/glucose solutions.

The majority of isolates of bacteria obtained from leaves were positive or strongly positive in aniline blue dye-absorption tests, indicating the presence of extracellular polysaccharide. Uptake of nutrients into the polysaccharide sheath of bacteria situated near conidia may increase the concentration gradient from within to outside the conidium, so resulting in nutrient depletion and loss of germinability. The effect brought about by leaching of conidia was thought to simulate the action of bacteria. Similarities with spores inhibited in soil by fungistasis are discussed.


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