Summary: attaches to sulphur deposited in acid hot springs by means of pili characterized as follows: (i) generally irregular shape with slight curves and bends; (ii) adhesiveness that enables bacteria to attach to sulphur; (iii) acid-stable, resistant to pH values as low as 2; (iv) heat-stable, resistant to temperatures as high as 75 °C. attached to sulphur in nature and in culture eroded the sulphur crystal where the bacteria were attached. undergoes the following two forms of attachment: (i) to sulphur by pili which separate the bacterium from the sulphur crystal and permit lateral movement of bacteria; (ii) to glass slides by firm adhesion of the wall to the surface of the slide. Attachment to sulphur in flowing springs enables to colonize these low pH (2 to 3) high temperature (70 to 75 °C) habitats.


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