Summary: The production and characteristics of a new bacteriocin, cellvibriocin, are described. Of ten known strains of examined six were cellvibriocino-genic. Cellvibriocin produced by sp. 9916 appeared most specific on most media and was studied in detail. It was thermolabile, unaffected by deoxy-ribonuclease, ribonuclease, lysozyme and catalase but completely inactivated by proteases and protein denaturants such as chloroform, acetone and ethanol. Although not readily detectable nor inducible in liquid culture cellvibriocin was induced on solid (agar) media by ultraviolet light; it was not extractable from agar grown cultures by buffer solutions or by freeze-thawing, or from liquid grown cultures lysed with ethylene diaminotetraacetic acid and lysozyme or from cultures disintegrated by ultrasonication, in a Hughes's press, with butanol or with alumina.


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