SUMMARY: It has been shown previously that IF strains of harbour a plasmid, SCP 1, lacking in UF strains, and that IF strains inhibit aerial mycelium production of UF strains. In the present study, IF strains of but not UF strains, were found to inhibit 19 out of 32 wild-type streptomycetes belonging to various species. Some of these presumptive UF wild-types were grown in mixed culture with IF strains of A3(2) and it was found, by a simple visual procedure, that SCP 1 was transferred to one of them, converting it to an IF strain. The rates of loss of SCP 1 from this strain, both spontaneously and after u.v. irradiation, were found to be similar to those from IF strains of A3(2). The plasmid had no detectable effect on recombination within the new strain.


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