SUMMARY: K12 strain 2578 was crossed with an O8 donor. Most of the recombinants selected for the donor allele were agglutinable by anti-O8 serum. This indicated that the recombinants can synthesize O8-specific units and attach them to the K12 lipopolysaccharide (LPS) core in consequence of the transfer of the -linked donor cluster determining O8-chain synthesis. In serological tests and phage sensitivity tests most O8-reactive recombinants behaved like typical smooth O8 strains. This implies that K12 strain 2578 synthesizes a complete core structure, which is a prerequisite for the formation of smooth recombinants.

Some O8-reactive recombinants displayed a partly rough phenotype. In addition, the typical smooth recombinants segregated partly rough forms. Thus the smooth recombinants appear to be partial diploids for some donor gene(s) involved in LPS synthesis.

Serological tests and phage typing showed that the K12 core is different from other known core types of (Ra) and (R1–-R3).

The genes () for the K12 core type were mapped by conjugation at approximately 72 min on the linkage map.


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