Summary: -Asparaginase and -glutaminase activities were detected in many microorganisms and the distribution of these activities was found to be related to the classification of micro-organisms.

Among 464 bacteria, the activities occurred in many Gram-negative bacteria and in a few Gram-positive bacteria. Most members of the family Enterobacteri-aceae possessed -asparaginase. -Asparaginase and -glutaminase occurred together in a large proportion of pseudomonads. Among Gram-positive bacteria many strains of showed strong -asparaginase activity. Amidase activities were also observed in several strains in other families.

-Asparaginase activity was not detected in culture filtrates of 261 strains of species of the genera and , but -asparaginase and -glutaminase were detected when these organisms were sonicated.

The amidase activities in culture filtrates of 4158 fungal strains were tested. All the strains of Fusarium species formed -asparaginase. Organisms of the genera and , which are regarded as the perfect stage of the genus , also formed -asparaginase. Several Penicillium species formed -asparaginase. Two organisms of the family Moniliaceae formed -glutaminase together with -asparaginase, and a fewascomycetous fungi formed -asparaginase or -glutaminase.

Among 1326 yeasts, -asparaginase or -glutaminase occurred frequently in certain serological groups of yeasts: VI (Hansenula) group, Cryptococcus group and Rhodotorula group. Many strains of Sporobolomyces species also showed -asparaginase activity. Several strains of Cryptococcus and Rhodotorula group possessed -glutaminase and -asparaginase. -Glutaminase alone was formed in many strains of and , both of which are related to Basidiomycetes.


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