SUMMARY: The eight groups of bovine Mycoplasmatales previously studied were confirmed as serologically different from each other. In addition, group 4 () and the unnamed groups 6, 7 and 8 were found to be antigenically distinct from 34 other recognized species. is thus verified as an independent species and, on the basis of their known serological and biochemical characters, two of the three unnamed groups are proposed as new species, (group 6) and (group 8); the naming of group 7 is withheld because of uncertainties regarding its taxonomic status in relation to Group 5 was distinct from all species except with which it shares biochemical and some antigenic characters, and its provisional name subsp. is therefore confirmed, and formally proposed, as appropriate for this group. Revised biological characters are noted for some bovine species; in particular the question of glucose fermentation by and subsp. is re-assessed. The current general situation regarding classification of Mycoplasmatales species from cattle is discussed and an up-to-date list of named species and their type strains is presented.


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