SUMMARY: Genes which are involved in anaerobic growth with nitrate or nitrite as terminal electron acceptor in were mapped by interrupted mating and linkage analysis after conjugation. Times of entry were mostly consistent with the linkage frequencies. Late markers were not located precisely. A gene order was obtained for the genes involved in dissimilatory nitrate () and nitrite reduction () and anaerobical growth () and for some already known auxotrophic genes. A mutant unable to grow aerobically () was found. The mutation appeared to be an early marker. The cytochrome spectra of mutants and part of the cytochrome oxidase activities were abnormal in that haem was absent. Most of the mutants were pleiotropic. mutants were affected in assimilatory and dissimilatory nitrate reductase, and and mutants lacked assimilatory and dissimilatory nitrate reductase and xanthine dehydrogenase. In mutants high concentrations of molybdate restored xanthine dehydrogenase and assimilatory and dissimilatory nitrate reductase and, consequently, anaerobic growth. Just as in the mutants, which had a normal respiratory system, the denitrifying system and the cytochrome system in mutants were normal. It is therefore unlikely that and mutants synthesize defective energy generating systems.


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