SUMMARY: An antiserum prepared against a strain of gave a reaction of identity with HCl extracts of strains of lactobacilli, some pediococci and leuconostocs and The antigenic determinant, isolated from a strain of RO–94 was identified as a membrane glycerol teichoic acid. Purified membrane lipoteichoic acids from Lactobacillus serological groups A, B, C, D and F and streptococcal polyglycerophosphate also reacted with the antiserum. The antigen-antibody reaction was partially inhibited by α-glycerophosphate and strongly inhibited by glycerol-phosphoryl-glycerol-phosphoryl-glycerol, but was not inhibited by glucose. It was concluded that the antiserum was reacting with the common polyglycerophosphate backbone of the membrane teichoic acids in the reacting strains.


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