SUMMARY: The rumen bacterium Quin's Oval has been maintained anaerobically for more than 1 year in liquid culture at 39°C, in the presence of other bacteria, rumen fluid, lactate, -valerate, isovalerate, DL-α-methylbutyrate, L-cysteine, mannitol and a CO gas phase. The maximum population density attained was 8.1 × 10/ml. No growth was obtained in sterile media or in solid media. Growth and glycogen storage occurred when the organisms were incubated with mannitol, glucose, fructose, mannose and sucrose; amino acids, proteins and polysaccharides were not so utilized. The organisms did not survive freezing, but were viable after 2 weeks at 4°C. The morphology as seen in the light microscope and the staining of the organisms is described.


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