SUMMARY: A correlation has been observed in strains of between the phenotype and the capacity to support the growth of amoebae. strains, B/r and KI2 strain, when used as the food source, yielded approximately four times the number of amoebae as the strains, B and K-12 ABI899.

The differences in yield may be caused by the release of an extracellular inhibitor of the growth of slime-mould amoebae by the strains. Interaction with this phenotype effect was observed with the DNA repair mutants or The effect of the inhibitor release on the yield of amoebae in B or B was partially modified by conjugation into these strains of the sex factor F' .

Reduced ability to support growth of slime-mould amoebae and high sensitivity to the antibacterial agent crystal violet appear to be properties specific to filamentous - strains. Two possible sites in the bacteria are suggested which may be involved in expression of the phenotype.


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