SUMMARY: Mannophosphoinositides appear to be widespread among the Actinomycetales. Besides the well-known mycobacterial source, they are also present in streptomyces, microbispora (Kataoka & Nojima, 1967; Tabaud, Tisnovska & Vilkas, 1971), nocardias (Yano, Furukawa & Kusunose, 1969) and corynebacteria (Brennan & Lehane, 1971) and a related phosphorus-free mannoinositide is prominent in propionibacteria (Prottey & Ballou, 1968; Shaw & Dinglinger, 1969). Prompted by the unusual observation of a monomannophosphoinositide in (Khuller & Brennan, 1972) we have examined in more detail three species of , and find that mannophosphoinositides, which are always of the dimannosyl type, are barely evident in , whereas in , they are among the most obvious phospholipids. Glucose-containing phospholipids and glycolipids are always prominent.


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