SUMMARY: sp. strain IV-85, an isolate from the marine environment, oxidized thiosulphate in two sequential logarithmic phases. Tetrathionate accumulated in the partially spent broth during the first logarithmic phase, and reached a maximum concentration at the time of transition to the second logarithmic phase. Tetrathionate added during the early first logarithmic phase caused a decrease in the rate of thiosulphate utilization similar to that observed after the transition from the first to second logarithmic phase. Bacteria harvested from the first logarithmic phase resisted 0.1 mM-cyanide which inhibited oxygen uptake by bacteria harvested from the second logarithmic phase. Rhodanese (thiosulphate: cyanide sulphur transferase, EC. was detected in extracts of bacteria from both phases. Tetrathionate accumulation in the growth medium inhibited rhodanese activity, resulting in the transition of thiosulphate utilization from the first to second logarithmic phase.


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