SUMMARY: Strains of agrobacteria, rhizobia and other organisms were collected from various sources and tested for their ability to utilize 61 compounds as sole carbon sources, oxidative or fermentative glucose metabolism, hydrolysis of starch, casein and gelatin, anaerobic arginine metabolism and production of 3-ketolactose. The resulting data was used in a numerical analysis and the strains were grouped on the basis of overall similarity.

The resultant groupings confirmed the idea that the genera and be combined, and four species of fast-growing rhizobia were recognized: Group I, Group II, Group III, related to and the Biotype 2 strains of Keane, Kerr & New (1970); Group IV, Crown-gall organisms were associated with groups I and III. The four species were defined without reference to pathogenicity or nodulating ability and it appears at present that crown-gall organisms can only be distinguished by pathogenicity testing.

H36 probably belongs in the genus whereas 1948 and 180 do not.


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