SUMMARY: In batch culture melanin production by occurred after the cessation of exponential growth. Melanin production in the chemostat was favoured when the growth rate was a relatively small fraction of the maximum growth rate under the prevailing culture conditions. Growth-limitation by the carbon source induced melanogenesis more strongly than did growth-limitation by the nitrogen source. Melanin production was maximal within the dissolved oxygen tension range 16 to 30 mmHg; it increased with temperature in the range 20 to 37°C and with increase in pH up to 7.9. At high temperature and high pH the ability to produce melanin declined. The melanin was variable in composition. Both soluble and insoluble forms were produced. The soluble form appeared to be less highly polymerized than the insoluble form which was laid down on the hyphal walls and had a microfibrillar structure revealed by the electron microscope.


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