SUMMARY: The intraerythrocytic piroplasm, causes a self-limiting infection in Balb/c mice; parasitaemia is maximal (about 30%) at 12 days and from 1 to 6 months after infection parasites are seldom seen in the blood. In mice concurrently infected with either of the lymphomagenic viruses Rowson Parr Virus (RPV) or ULV, a virus isolated from a urethane induced leukaemia, parasitaemias reached over 60% and remained patent until the experiment was terminated at 6 months. Prolonged patent parasitaemias were higher in mice infected with ULV. Antibody levels to the piroplasm, estimated by an indirect fluorescent antibody technique, were similar in mice with and without viral infections. There was no evidence of increased lymphomagenesis in doubly infected animals.


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