Summary: Carbon catabolism was studied during the synchronous development of conidiophores of The activities of key enzymes of the Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas (EMP) and pentose phosphate (PP) pathways were measured and studies of CO production from [1-C]- and [6-C]glucose were made. The enzyme activities together with the radiorespirometric studies showed that both the EMP and PP pathways were present and operative at all stages of conidiophore development but that the relative activities of the pathways differed. The highest activity of the EMP pathway occurred during the initial period of vegetative growth before any signs of morphological change. High EMP activity and high 6-C/1-C ratios were obtained in a medium which did not support conidiophore initiation but allowed vegetative growth to occur. In contrast, high activity of the PP pathway and very low 6-C/1-C ratios accompanied each stage of conidiophore development. The results suggest that the PP pathway predominates during conidiophore development of this fungus.


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