Summary: Strains of and were tested for growth on minimal salt media containing aliphatic amides. All strains of and some strains of biotype A grew on acetamide; some strains of and also grew on butyramide. The inducible aliphatic amidases had both hydrolase and transferase activities and were similar in substrate specificities. All species hydrolysed propionamide more rapidly than acetamide while acetamide was the best substrate for the transferase reaction. The rate of butyramide hydrolysis was 2 to 3% of the rate of acetamide hydrolysis for all species including those strains able to grow on butyramide. The amidases of 87 and 14 were inducible by butyramide. Cell-free extracts of strains induced with acetamide cross-reacted completely with antiserum prepared against purified amidase A. Partial cross-reactions occurred with and amidases and a very weak cross-reaction with amidase.


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