Summary: Washed suspensions and particulate fractions of incorporated radioactivity from [-C]decanoic acid into bound 3-hydroxydecanoate, and from [-C]dodecanoate into bound 2- and 3-hydroxydodecanoate. Washed suspensions incorporated [-C]acetate into all three hydroxyacids, which are components of Lipid A in this organism. Degradation studies suggested that 2-hydroxydodecanoate was synthesized by direct hydroxylation of dodecanoate. Coenzyme A was required for synthesis of both 2- and 3-hydroxydodecanoates, synthesis of the former being stimulated by pyridine nucleotide coenzymes. Coenzyme A could not be replaced by acyl carrier protein which inhibited synthesis, but it was not required if [-C]dodecanoyl Coenzyme A was used as substrate. The hydroxyacids appeared to be incorporated into lipopolysaccharide since the radioactivity incorporated was extracted by hot 45% phenol and labelled hydroxyacids were then released only after acid or alkali hydrolysis.


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