SUMMARY: A long-chain fatty-acid fraction obtained from the marine alga, , as well as decanoic, dodecanoic and hexadecanoic acids at levels of 250 μg/ml induced lysis of various Trypanosomatidae. However, octanoic and -9-octadecenoic acids at higher concentrations had no effect. Decanoic, dodecanoic and hexadecanoic acids at levels below 100 μg/ml inhibited motility of the promastigotes of and , and the epimastigotes and trypomastigotes of was relatively resistant to fatty acids and was not affected by decanoic acid at this level.

The lysis induced by the marine algal fatty acids and by decanoic and dodecanoic acids was preceded by the formation of rounded forms of the haemoflagellates which indicated the loss of membrane structure.


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