Summary: The association of invertase with Neurospora wall was studied biochemically in six cytologically distinct stages of the Neurospora asexual life-cycle: (i) conidia, (ii) mid-log phase [10 h old], (iii) post-log phase hyphae [18 h old], (iv) aerial mycelium [4 days old], (v) submerged mycelium [4 days old], and (vi) mycelium [2 days old] induced to form conidiophores. The percentages of total invertase activity found in the wall fraction were 8, 18, 23, 8, 21 and 17, respectively. The specific activities of the wall fraction were 3, 85, 120, 40, 24, and 74 units of invertase activity per milligram protein, respectively. Histochemical localization of invertase with an indirect immunofluorescent technique also showed that conidiophores had strong activity in their walls as well as in the cytoplasm and that vacuoles were devoid of any activity.


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