Summary: A strain of yeast called 2nl is described which behaved genetically as a diploid, but had approximately 18% less DNA than a normal diploid. It produced apparently normal haploid ascospore cultures, which had approximately 20% less DNA than normal haploids. The growth of 2nl from low yeast concentrations was normal, but at high concentrations it was abnormal; viability was not affected. The timing of DNA synthesis in a synchronously dividing culture was in the usual position in the growth cycle for yeast. DNA was estimated by the diphenyl-amine reaction; there was no special effect on this reaction, peculiar to 2nl and its ascospore cultures. DNA values were confirmed by measurements. The yeast 2nl was more sensitive to both gamma and u.v. radiations than were normal diploids and there was some indication that defective repair processes were involved.


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