SUMMARY: Thirty-eight methods or modifications of methods for removing trace metals from nutrient media were tested, using as test organism to indicate deficiencies.

The most marked symptoms of Zn and Fe deficiencies were obtained after treatment by the AlO or dithizone + oxine methods, of Cu and Mn deficiencies by the AlO method, and of Mo deficiency by Nicholas's method which involves co-precipitation with sulphides of Cu and Pb. Four strains of differed in their trace element requirements. Shake cultures of gave less growth in complete medium than did surface cultures, while in deficient media this was reversed. Sucrose peptone and broth media were only partially purified by the AlO treatment. Deficiencies of Fe, Zn and Cu were obtained for , and of Fe and Zn for , as detected by growth response. Apart from decrease of growth, trace metal deficiency symptoms in were not very obvious.


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