Summary: The growth of and either on plate culture or in liquid medium is completely inhibited by technical chlordane at identical concentrations. NADH oxidation by membrane fragments and oxidative phosphorylation by crude extracts of are only partially inhibited by incubation with chlordane at concentrations equal to or greater than the minimum levels required to completely inhibit growth.

is relatively insensitive to technical chlordane, bacteriosta-sis only being achieved at chlordane concentrations some five- to tenfold greater than those required with and The energy metabolism of is relatively simple since it contains neither a cytochrome-mediated electron transport chain nor a functional TCA cycle. Fermentation of D-glucose by soluble protein extracts, Na-K-ATPase and cation permeability of the plasma membrane are not sensitive to chlordane at concentrations that stop growth in liquid culture. Inhibition of fermentation by growing cultures, upon addition of chlordane, may be a reflection of the inhibition of biosynthetic reactions that recycle ATP.


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