Summary: Post-mitochondrial supernatants isolated from contained high specific activities of antimycin A-insensitive NADH- and NADPH-cytochrome oxidoreductases, acid and alkaline -nitrophenylphosphatases, DNase and ATPase; many of the enzymes associated with mammalian microsomes were not present at detectable levels. The only haem detected was protohaem; cytochromes , and were present in microsomal fractions, and ethyl morphine and aniline HCl produced distinct changes in difference spectra. Post-mitochondrial supernatants were subfractionated by density gradient centrifugation. The distributions of NADH- and NADPH-cytochrome oxidoreductases were different, and several distinct particles containing the latter enzyme system were distinguished. The distributions of acid -nitrophenylphosphatase, acid DNase and ATPase were all different and indicative of several functionally distinct membrane systems. Alkaline -nitrophenylphosphatase was non-sedimentable.


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