SUMMARY: Medium for growth of was made iron-deficient by passage through Seitz filter pads, which removed up to 3.2 mg. Fe from aqueous FeCl solutions. The growth rate of in this medium was retarded, no 3-ketosucrose accumulated in the culture supernatant and no glucoside 3-dehydrogenase activity was detected in the cells. Addition of Fe to the filtered medium restored the growth rate, glucoside 3-dehydrogenase activity and 3-ketosucrose production. The optimum iron concentrations for maximum glucoside 3-dehydrogenase activity (1 to 3 mg. Fe/l.) and yield of 3-ketosucrose (0.5 mg. Fe/l.) were considerably less than the minimum requirement of 15 mg. Fe/l. for the maximum growth rate.


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