SUMMARY: During the transition between anaerobic growth and aerobic growth conditions, in chemostat cultures of the yield coefficients from glucose and oxygen were lower than that of the aerobic steady-state. Both the potential and respiration rates reached a maximum from 2 to 8 h. after reaeration of the culture. There appears to have been a loss of the tight coupling between growth and energy conserving processes. In the case of a culture grown anaerobically for only 4.5 h. which was incompletely adapted to anaerobic growth, there was no initial lag before an increase in as was obtained with cultures grown anaerobically for 18.74 h. but the time required for complete adaptation to aerobic growth was the same, 8 h. behaved similarly to When an aerobic culture was made anaerobic it took 14 h. for the CO production to attain a steady state.


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