SUMMARY: Conversion of dolipore septa to simple septa in monokaryotic mycelia of facilitates nuclear migration and is controlled by the incompatibility gene. In a common heterokaryon, which has two kinds of haploid nuclei with different alleles of the gene, both dolipore septa and simple septa were observed. A common diploid mycelium, derived from this heterokaryon and therefore of identical genotype, had no simple septa. This difference between the heterokaryon and the diploid is attributed to a different distribution of the two alleles in the cells of the mycelia. When all the cells contain two different alleles, as occurs in the diploid, the dolipore septa are not broken down. Moreover, in matings with other haploid and diploid strains, nuclei cannot migrate through the mycelium of the diploid. It is suggested that the septa in the diploid are no longer susceptible to enzymic degradation.


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